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385 Original Paintings For Sale | Impressionism | Oversized Looking for Original paintings for sale? Explore all styles and all painting techniques: contemporary paintings, street art, abstract art, figurative art, landscapes,[...]

385 Original Paintings For Sale | Impressionism | Oversized

Looking for Original paintings for sale?

Explore all styles and all painting techniques: contemporary paintings, street art, abstract art, figurative art, landscapes, portraits, still lifes, nudes, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic painting… Artmajeur is for everyone artistic sensibilities and celebrates beauty by your side for 20 years with more than 2 million contemporary works of art to discover ... or acquire! The world benchmark for contemporary paintings. Discover works by contemporary artists from around the world to decorate your interior with class! Simple art lover or confirmed collector? Find the favorite canvas or painting that will truly enhance your decoration. Artmajeur offers you original works, limited editions and art prints by the best contemporary artists in the world. On Artmajeur, the paintings are selected by enthusiasts and experts in the art market. We select for you the original works of trendy, award-winning and recognized painters as well as new rising values in the field of contemporary art to guide you and help you in your process of buying paintings online.

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With a mission to create an online marketplace that is simple, secure, and profitable for artists everywhere, Artmajeur has created the world's first global virtual art gallery with over 10 million visitors. Artmajeur offers you exclusive prices on original artworks by emerging and established international artists, shipping worldwide in 24 to 48h to your doorstep for free. Enjoy our selection of original artworks and high-quality prints that will make perfect gifts or decorate your walls with style!

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Painting titled "Koi Fish 1." by R_a_h_m_e_t, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Koi Fish 1. - Painting, 90x150 cm ©2023 by R_a_h_m_e_t - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Fish, red, fish, koi, gold, love, yellow, blue, sea
"Koi Fish 1."

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 90x150 cm

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Painting titled "Johannesburg City C…" by Mbongeni, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Johannesburg City Center - Painting, 100x200 cm ©2023 by Mbongeni - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Architecture, joburg, africa, yellow, sunset, horizon, buildings, warm
"Johannesburg City Center"

Acrylic on Canvas | 100x200 cm

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Painting titled "Aurora" by Marie-Christine Maudet, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Aurora - Painting, 70x150 cm ©2023 by Marie-Christine Maudet - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Nature, nature, buccolique, pré, paysage, campagne, abstrait, , multicolore, couleurs, colors

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 70x150 cm

Painting titled "Guardian Of Time" by Hazel Thomson, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Guardian Of Time - Painting, 100x150 cm ©2022 by Hazel Thomson - Impressionism, impressionism-603, stonehenge, seasons, winter, spring, night, winter sun, moon, rook, summer, impressionst art, textural, magial realism
"Guardian Of Time"

Oil on Canvas | 100x150 cm

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Painting titled "Choose your way" by Elena Serebriakova, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Choose your way - Painting, 102x180 cm ©2023 by Elena Serebriakova - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Spirituality, serebria, serebriakova, blue, lightblue, beige, soft, softinterior, inspiration, life, motivation, fashion, energy, water
"Choose your way"

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 102x180 cm

Painting titled "jardin estival Angl…" by Rudolf Otto, Original Artwork, Acrylic
jardin estival Anglais (Rosemoor Gardens) - Painting, 100x240 cm ©2022 by Rudolf Otto - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Flower
"jardin estival Anglais (Rosemoor Gardens)"

Acrylic on Canvas | 100x240 cm

Painting titled "Freddie Mercury Que…" by Antoni Dragan, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Freddie Mercury Queen Band - Painting, 170x100 cm ©2023 by Antoni Dragan - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Music, Freddie mercury, queen, Queens, music, band, quote, quotes, yellow, pink, neon, fluorescent, back light
"Freddie Mercury Queen Band"

Acrylic on Canvas | 170x100 cm

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Painting titled "Realengo" by Lício Maia, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Realengo - Painting, 165x115 cm ©2023 by Lício Maia - Impressionism, impressionism-603, City

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 165x115 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "AS PUTAS DE PICASSO" by Emanuel Aguiar, Original Artwork, Acrylic
AS PUTAS DE PICASSO - Painting, 150x200 cm ©2023 by Emanuel Aguiar - Impressionism, impressionism-603

Acrylic on Canvas | 150x200 cm

Painting titled "Patsani" by Stanislav Dasiukevich, Original Artwork, Oil
Patsani - Painting, 150x100 cm ©2022 by Stanislav Dasiukevich - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Everyday Life, guys, buddies, fellas, street, sand, fashion, crime, orange, grey

Oil on Canvas | 150x100 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "A Beautiful Survivor" by Gill Bustamante, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
A Beautiful Survivor - Painting, 91.4x152.4 cm ©2022 by Gill Bustamante - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Seascape, seagull, birds, pink-sunset, sea and sky, ocean, purple
"A Beautiful Survivor"

Oil on Canvas | 91.4x152.4 cm

Painting titled "La Pointe du Raz" by Bertrand Priour, Original Artwork, Acrylic
La Pointe du Raz - Painting, 50x394 cm ©2018 by Bertrand Priour - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Landscape, paysage, couleurs, peinture, Pointe du Raz, Finistère, Bretagne, Impression
"La Pointe du Raz"

Acrylic on Canvas | 50x394 cm

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Painting titled "La Bella Easo" by Fuensanta R.Urien, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
La Bella Easo - Painting, 100x160 cm ©2023 by Fuensanta R.Urien - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Beach, bahia, costa vasca, arboles, paseo, mar, cielo, san sebastian
"La Bella Easo"

Oil on Canvas | 100x160 cm

Painting titled "dasfloresSs23" by Gritodetinta, Original Artwork, Oil
dasfloresSs23 - Painting, 120x170 cm ©2020 by Gritodetinta - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Color

Oil on Linen Canvas | 120x170 cm

Painting titled "Yellow tree abstrac…" by Nadiia Antoniuk, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Yellow tree abstraction Modern blue yellow painting - Painting, 110x205 cm ©2023 by Nadiia Antoniuk - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Nature, blue yellow abstract, blue yellow painting, grey yellow painting, large blue yellow abstract, large blue yellow painting, large modern abstract painting, large modern abstraction, large modern yellow art, large yellow blue painting, yellow blue large abstract, large painting for office, large painting for bedroom, tree painting, large tree painting, large tree abstract, tree large painting, tree large abstract, yellow tree, green tree
"Yellow tree abstraction Modern blue yellow painting"

Acrylic on Canvas | 110x205 cm

Painting titled "Peach dusk of the t…" by Inessa Ivascanin, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Peach dusk of the tropics - Painting, 150x75 cm ©2022 by Inessa Ivascanin - Impressionism, impressionism-603, City, tropical scenery, city by the ocean, boats in harbour, whale, dolphins, tropical paradise, australian scenery, beach, rainforest, warm sunset, peach sky, dusk, luscious rainforest, tropical city
"Peach dusk of the tropics"

Acrylic on Canvas | 150x75 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "Rêve Méditerrannéen" by Mona Berga, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Rêve Méditerrannéen - Painting, 122x214 cm ©2023 by Mona Berga - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Color, impressionisme, De Stael, Picasso, moderne, Fine art, contemporain, French
"Rêve Méditerrannéen"

Oil on Canvas | 122x214 cm

Painting titled "Nostalgia of Steam…" by Kishore Pratim Biswas, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Nostalgia of Steam Locomotives_49 - Painting, 96.5x152.4 cm ©2023 by Kishore Pratim Biswas - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Train, Steam locomotives, locomotive paintings, Indian steam locomotives, Indian railways, Train, Old engine, Indian paintings, locomotive workshop
"Nostalgia of Steam Locomotives_49"

Acrylic on Canvas | 96.5x152.4 cm

Painting titled "Tétraptyque marin" by Edith Donc, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Tétraptyque marin - Painting, 200x200 cm ©2017 by Edith Donc - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Seascape, tétraptyque, tutor, peintre hyerois, edith donc, artiste peintre hyeres
"Tétraptyque marin"

Acrylic on Canvas | 200x200 cm

Painting titled "Verlangen" by Jennie Smallenbroek, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Verlangen - Painting, 100x150 cm ©2023 by Jennie Smallenbroek - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Landscape, woods, trees, lake, connection, longing

Oil on Linen Canvas | 100x150 cm

Painting titled "Waves of the ocean…" by Iryna Kastsova, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Waves of the ocean 3. - Painting, 80x200 cm ©2021 by Iryna Kastsova - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Seascape, waves, water, ocean, sea, seascape, painting, impressionism
"Waves of the ocean 3."

Acrylic on Canvas | 80x200 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "Jameo" by Pia Andersen, Original Artwork, Oil
Jameo - Painting, 140x190 cm ©2022 by Pia Andersen - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Landscape

Oil on Canvas | 140x190 cm

Painting titled "Countryside" by Trayko Popov, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Countryside - Painting, 61.5x159 cm ©2023 by Trayko Popov - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Nature, meadow, fields, farm, country, countryside, trees, floral, nature, vilage, gardens, big painting, xxl

Acrylic on Canvas | 61.5x159 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "Girasoli Toscani" by Jacek Malinowski, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Girasoli Toscani - Painting, 150x80 cm ©2022 by Jacek Malinowski - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Landscape, toskania, pole, słoneczniki, przestrzeń, kwiaty
"Girasoli Toscani"

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 150x80 cm

Painting titled "Goddesses" by Ta Byrne, Original Artwork, Oil
Goddesses - Painting, 150x200 cm ©2023 by Ta Byrne - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Mythology, Mythology, oil painting, classical, large, portrait, swans, nudes

Oil on Canvas | 150x200 cm

Painting titled "NYC 38" by Richell Castellon, Original Artwork, Acrylic
NYC 38 - Painting, 152.4x121.9 cm ©2023 by Richell Castellon - Impressionism, impressionism-603, City, nyc, new york
"NYC 38"

Acrylic on Canvas | 152.4x121.9 cm

Painting titled "Sea  and dunes" by Hans Dutch Artist, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Sea and dunes - Painting, 80x160 cm ©2023 by Hans Dutch Artist - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Beach, Beach, dunes, sea
"Sea and dunes"

Acrylic on Canvas | 80x160 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "Vortex en Sologne." by Berthel, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Vortex en Sologne. - Painting, 220x160 cm ©2022 by Berthel - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Forest
"Vortex en Sologne."

Acrylic on Canvas | 220x160 cm

Painting titled "Original painting “…" by Ro_art_us, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Original painting “Aloe Vera Bloom” - Painting, 121.9x213.4 cm ©2022 by Ro_art_us - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Flower, impressionism flowers, Aloe Vera Bloom, art collectibles, modern impressionism, acrylic painting on canvas, original painting, artwork for walls, design home decor, certificate of authenticity, housewarming gift, hand made painting, anniversary birthday gift, mother day valentine day, triptych
"Original painting “Aloe Vera Bloom”"

Acrylic on Canvas | 121.9x213.4 cm

Painting titled "Gardons shore" by Elena Mashajeva-Agraphiotis, Original Artwork, Oil
Gardons shore - Painting, 168x137 cm ©2014 by Elena Mashajeva-Agraphiotis - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Nature, landscape, river, water, trees, fresh air, calmnes, oil on canvas, original art, interior painting
"Gardons shore"

Oil on Canvas | 168x137 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "Borderline state. F…" by Katsiaryna Sumarava, Original Artwork, Oil
Borderline state. From series “Subjective landscape.” - Painting, 180x130 cm ©2015 by Katsiaryna Sumarava - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Nature, contemporary landscape, painting, sumarava, water
"Borderline state. From series “Subjective landscape.”"

Oil on Canvas | 180x130 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "Сlimbing" by Anatoliy Korchinov, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Сlimbing - Painting, 70x150 cm ©2023 by Anatoliy Korchinov - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Sport, mountains, tourism, climber, climbing, sports, ice, sun, sunset, night, canvas, acrylic

Acrylic on Canvas | 70x150 cm

Painting titled "湖畔夜景" by 恒 强, Original Artwork, Oil
湖畔夜景 - Painting, 110x150 cm ©2022 by 恒 强 - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Landscape, 中国, 杭州, 西湖, 写生, 夜景

Oil on Linen Canvas | 110x150 cm

Prints available
Painting titled ""Royalty"" by Clement Mohale, Original Artwork, Acrylic
"Royalty" - Painting, 155x100 cm ©2022 by Clement Mohale - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Kid, Shades of blue series, Red, Bold

Acrylic on Canvas | 155x100 cm

Painting titled "Jardines de la Alha…" by Jose Camero Hernandez, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Jardines de la Alhambra. Granada - Painting, 150x100 cm ©2023 by Jose Camero Hernandez - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Monument, Alhambra, Granada, acrilico, acrylic, canvas, lienzo, gran formato, cuadros modernos, cuadros para salon
"Jardines de la Alhambra. Granada"

Acrylic on Canvas | 150x100 cm

Painting titled "L estran" by Mi Baudry, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
L estran - Painting, 130x180 cm ©2021 by Mi Baudry - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Nature, refletsurleau, eau, nature, arbre, contemporain, vibration, imaginaire, grandsformats, triptyque
"L estran"

Acrylic on Canvas | 130x180 cm



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