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1,024 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale | Metals What is the origin of the Metals technique? Metal has always been the material of choice for the most creative minds in the history of Art. Whether they are simple[...]

1,024 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale | Metals

What is the origin of the Metals technique?

Metal has always been the material of choice for the most creative minds in the history of Art. Whether they are simple metals (iron, copper, tin, zinc, lead, aluminum, etc.), precious metals (gold, platinum, silver, etc.) or alloys (cast iron, steel, bronze, brass, etc.), all these raw materials have been manipulated as much by scientists as artists around the world. Mainly used for its malleability and resistance to the vagaries of time, metal has carved out a place of choice among the most renowned sculptors of our time. In 1912, Pablo Picasso experimented with metal and wire to create his iconic work, The Guitar. Jean Tinguely and Alexander Calder used metal to create sculptures full of movement and color. Jean Tinguely's companion, the famous Nikki de Saint-Phalle, used metal to solidify and perpetuate his sculptures of monumental women, Les Nanas. Elsewhere in France and in Europe, great artists will participate in the development of this material, in particular Alberto Giacometti and his threadlike characters, César and his compressions of objects, Louise Bourgeois and her impressive metallic spiders, or even Jeff Koons and his iconic Balloon Dogs.

How to buy a metal sculpture only?

Are you in the market for some new artsy home decoration?

 The addition of modern sculpture in a variety of forms and materials is an excellent approach to freshen up your interior design. Metal sculpture types such as abstract, indoor or outdoor metal sculpture all extremely popular choices for metal sculpture. Worried about where to get metal sculpture, or what is the best site to buy metal sculpture online? Don't be; we've got your back. 

Browse the internet for where to purchase metal sculpture online has included some of the most popular online retailers for modern metal sculpture, huge metal sculpture, and rustic metal sculpture that you're sure to enjoy browsing through! 

Think about mixing and matching the sorts of materials you use for your home decor if you're thinking about particular artpiece or if you are looking for some inspiration. A focus piece made of metal may be used to provide texture and depth to your wall designs, as well as to create a focal point. Continue reading to learn about all of the greatest online retailers for metal sculpture! 

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Sculpture titled "Fashionista 45x15x1…" by Karen Axikyan, Original Artwork, Metals
Fashionista 45x15x16cm 3.4kg Iron, Basalt - Sculpture, 45x15x16 cm ©2023 by Karen Axikyan - Figurative, figurative-594, Women, fashionista, fashion sculpture, figurative sculpture, wire sculpture, creative sculpture, iron sculpture, Armenian art, Armenian artist
"Fashionista 45x15x16cm 3.4kg Iron, Basalt"

Sculpture - Metals | 45x15x16 cm

Sculpture titled "Boréal" by Phils, Original Artwork, Metals
Boréal - Sculpture, 90x70x22 cm ©2022 by Phils - Feminine

Sculpture - Metals | 90x70x22 cm

Sculpture titled "Le liquide bleu" by Yannick Bouillault, Original Artwork, Metals
Le liquide bleu - Sculpture, 44x17x17 cm ©2022 by Yannick Bouillault - Figurative, figurative-594
"Le liquide bleu"

Sculpture - Metals | 44x17x17 cm

Sculpture titled "PÉNÉLOPE" by David Fabié, Original Artwork, Metals
PÉNÉLOPE - Sculpture, 74x38x29 cm ©2023 by David Fabié - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Feminine, métal, verre, vitrail, fleurs, rouge, bleu

Sculpture - Metals | 74x38x29 cm

Sculpture titled "Ave" by Fournier, Original Artwork, Metals
Ave - Sculpture, 30x50x15 cm ©2022 by Fournier - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579

Sculpture - Metals | 30x50x15 cm

Sculpture titled "GOLDEN FLEECE 1253" by Pierre Sidoine, Original Artwork, Metals
GOLDEN FLEECE 1253 - Sculpture, 28.5x41x22 cm ©2022 by Pierre Sidoine - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Animal, Bélier, Mouton, Mythologie, Toison f'Or, Antiquité, Grèce

Sculpture - Metals | 28.5x41x22 cm

Sculpture titled "Roxiae" by Filippo Pietro Castrovinci, Original Artwork, Metals
Roxiae - Sculpture, 37x12x11 cm ©2021 by Filippo Pietro Castrovinci - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine

Sculpture - Metals | 37x12x11 cm

Sculpture titled "Des livres en acier…" by Daniel Le Piouff, Original Artwork, Metals
Des livres en acier tenues par des hommes d'acier - Sculpture, 38x60x25 cm ©2023 by Daniel Le Piouff - Abstract, abstract-570
"Des livres en acier tenues par des hommes d'acier"

Sculpture - Metals | 38x60x25 cm

Sculpture titled "HORSE" by Jean Claude Causse, Original Artwork, Metals
HORSE - Sculpture, 69x20x20 cm ©2007 by Jean Claude Causse - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Horse, horse, cheval, caballo, cavallo

Sculpture - Metals | 69x20x20 cm

Sculpture titled "Sensualità geometri…" by Giacomo Bertolino, Original Artwork, Metals Mounted on Wood Panel
Sensualità geometriche - Sculpture, 90x40x32 cm ©2023 by Giacomo Bertolino - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Erotic, #erotismo, #eroticart, #femalart, #butt, #arteerotica, #arredamento, Oggetti erotici
"Sensualità geometriche"

Sculpture - Metals | 90x40x32 cm

Sculpture titled "Walkyrie" by Marie Le Metour, Original Artwork, Metals
Walkyrie - Sculpture, 95x50x10 cm ©2023 by Marie Le Metour -

Sculpture - Metals | 95x50x10 cm

Sculpture titled "Sun" by Ck Cooper, Original Artwork, Metals
Sun - Sculpture, 86.4x58.4x15.2 cm ©2016 by Ck Cooper - Figurative, figurative-594, Love, Gay, love, Men

Sculpture - Metals | 86.4x58.4x15.2 cm

Sculpture titled "Minotaur" by Roberto Canduela, Original Artwork, Metals
Minotaur - Sculpture, 85x66x65 cm ©2023 by Roberto Canduela - Abstract, abstract-570, Masculine, cubism, corten steel, metal, sculpture, bull, body, human, animal

Sculpture - Metals | 85x66x65 cm

Sculpture titled "Les familles / Fami…" by Sándor Móga, Original Artwork, Metals
Les familles / Families - Sculpture, 2x59x59 cm ©2006 by Sándor Móga - Figurative, figurative-594, World Culture, Family, Child, Love, Care, Relationships, Humans, Dogs
"Les familles / Families"

Sculpture - Metals | 2x59x59 cm

Sculpture titled "Moonlight" by Gyunay Aliev, Original Artwork, Metals
Moonlight - Sculpture, 20x19x8 cm ©2012 by Gyunay Aliev - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine, Portrait, Frau, Schönheit

Sculpture - Metals | 20x19x8 cm

Sculpture titled "Akanthus" by Michael Hitschold, Original Artwork, Metals
Akanthus - Sculpture, 119x30x18 cm ©2020 by Michael Hitschold - Abstract, abstract-570

Sculpture - Metals | 119x30x18 cm

Sculpture titled "liquid raft for an…" by Angelo Ribeiro, Original Artwork, Metals
liquid raft for an anonymous refugee - Sculpture, 30x15x15 cm ©2020 by Angelo Ribeiro - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Abstract
"liquid raft for an anonymous refugee"

Sculpture - Metals | 30x15x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Distortion IV" by Aramis Justiz Perera, Original Artwork, Metals
Distortion IV - Sculpture, 50x44x20 cm ©2022 by Aramis Justiz Perera - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, sculpture, fire, distortion, movement, orange, ship
"Distortion IV"

Sculpture - Metals | 50x44x20 cm

Sculpture titled "FIGURE 735" by Philippe Olive, Original Artwork, Metals
FIGURE 735 - Sculpture, 73.5x10x13 cm ©2023 by Philippe Olive - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Feminine, sculpture, sculpteur, philippe olive, olive sculpteur, bronze, acier, métal forgé, art contemporain, artmajeur, art, artiste sculpteur
"FIGURE 735"

Sculpture - Metals | 73.5x10x13 cm

Sculpture titled "***Industrial Armil…" by Yuriy Kraft, Original Artwork, Metals
***Industrial Armillary Sphere*** - Sculpture, 55x30x28 cm ©2022 by Yuriy Kraft - Spiritual Art, spiritual-art-1040, Icon, sphere, astrologie, esotherik, geschenk
"***Industrial Armillary Sphere***"

Sculpture - Metals | 55x30x28 cm

Sculpture titled "Guerrier Massaï" by Pacom, Original Artwork, Metals
Guerrier Massaï - Sculpture, 50x15x15 cm ©2022 by Pacom - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Africa, Metal, Sculpture, Afrique
"Guerrier Massaï"

Sculpture - Metals | 50x15x15 cm

Sculpture titled "ESCALIER" by Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede, Original Artwork, Metals
ESCALIER - Sculpture, 48x48x16 cm ©2020 by Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Abstract, sculpture, sculpture en acier, sculpture en fer, art design, esculptura

Sculpture - Metals | 48x48x16 cm

Sculpture titled ""Flow"" by Jan-Willem Krijger, Original Artwork, Metals
"Flow" - Sculpture, 54x38x5 cm ©2021 by Jan-Willem Krijger - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, Modern Art, contemporary sculpture, bronze sculpture

Sculpture - Metals | 54x38x5 cm

Sculpture titled "A Pescadora" by Mateus Souza, Original Artwork, Metals
A Pescadora - Sculpture, 55x45x35 cm ©2022 by Mateus Souza - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, pesca, mar, sea, ocean, peixe, fish, dive, scuba diver
"A Pescadora"

Sculpture - Metals | 55x45x35 cm

Sculpture titled "Suonando..." by Giancarlo Morandi, Original Artwork, Metals
Suonando... - Sculpture, 120x68x10 cm ©2023 by Giancarlo Morandi - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Guitar, Basta un Filo per Creare.

Sculpture - Metals | 120x68x10 cm

Sculpture titled "" Transition "" by Scott Wilkes, Original Artwork, Metals
" Transition " - Sculpture, 81.3x47x25.4 cm ©2022 by Scott Wilkes - Figurative, figurative-594, Feminine, steel, sculpture, metal, woman, female, iron, modern, contemporary, figurative
"" Transition ""

Sculpture - Metals | 81.3x47x25.4 cm

Sculpture titled "Les 3 sages" by Artotem By Jean-Claude Singla, Original Artwork, Metals
Les 3 sages - Sculpture, 45x15x15 cm ©2023 by Artotem By Jean-Claude Singla - Figurative, figurative-594, Esotericism, cubes, singes, esoterisme
"Les 3 sages"

Sculpture - Metals | 45x15x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Ondas Vermelhas III" by Antonio Spinosa, Original Artwork, Metals
Ondas Vermelhas III - Sculpture, 162x66x10 cm ©2022 by Antonio Spinosa - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, red, waves, steel, rouge, mur, Bonheur, antonio spinosa, acier, Lygia clark
"Ondas Vermelhas III"

Sculpture - Metals | 162x66x10 cm

Sculpture titled "Mandoline" by Moris, Original Artwork, Metals
Mandoline - Sculpture, 80x50x30 cm ©2022 by Moris - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Music

Sculpture - Metals | 80x50x30 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "Trois Autruches Por…" by Philippe Tallis, Original Artwork, Metals
Trois Autruches Portes Ouvertes - Sculpture, 330x300x220 cm ©2012 by Philippe Tallis - Autruches Portes Ouvertes, faune sauvage, œuvre animale
"Trois Autruches Portes Ouvertes"

Sculpture - Metals | 330x300x220 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "Under rain" by Vadim Studenov, Original Artwork, Metals
Under rain - Sculpture, 60x40x1 cm ©2022 by Vadim Studenov - Minimalism, minimalism-606, Men, sculpture, Wire sculpture, Metal sculpture, Wall sculpture, Umbrella, A man with an umbrella, rain
"Under rain"

Sculpture - Metals | 60x40x1 cm

Sculpture titled "SINGERMOBIL réf 5FV…" by Terry Rossberg, Original Artwork, Metals
SINGERMOBIL réf 5FV23 - Sculpture, 66x19x17 cm ©2023 by Terry Rossberg - Car, Rétro, Vintage, Rétro mobile, Bugatti, Singer

Sculpture - Metals | 66x19x17 cm

Sculpture titled "Dragon" by Komaromi Laszlo, Original Artwork, Metals
Dragon - Sculpture, 100x80x150 cm ©2017 by Komaromi Laszlo - Figurative, figurative-594, Animal

Sculpture - Metals | 100x80x150 cm

Sculpture titled "Betonfish" by Michel, Original Artwork, Metals Mounted on Metal
Betonfish - Sculpture, 32x83x10 cm ©2023 by Michel -

Sculpture - Metals | 32x83x10 cm

Sculpture titled "nouka" by Frederic Martin (Freddy.k.nouka), Original Artwork, Metals
nouka - Sculpture, 61x52x26 cm ©2022 by Frederic Martin (Freddy.k.nouka) - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Dance

Sculpture - Metals | 61x52x26 cm

Sculpture titled "Koh lanta" by Alain Mandon, Original Artwork, Metals
Koh lanta - Sculpture, 56x40x3 cm ©2023 by Alain Mandon - Figurative, figurative-594, Animal, mer, nautile, maritime
"Koh lanta"

Sculpture - Metals | 56x40x3 cm



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