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993 Original Paintings For Sale | Vehicule Buying artworks on the theme of "Vehicule" Cars, trains, motorcycles, planes… So many means of transport which have always occupied a place of choice in the figurative subjects[...]

993 Original Paintings For Sale | Vehicule

Buying artworks on the theme of "Vehicule"

Cars, trains, motorcycles, planes… So many means of transport which have always occupied a place of choice in the figurative subjects of representation of the artists. At the same time synonymous with freedom, technological progress, speed, transport vehicles also have for them the attraction of having elegant shapes and beautiful curves which very often perfectly match the brush strokes of the artists. Drawing with precision the reflections of a fuselage, giving an account of the aerodynamics of a cabin, knowing how to transcribe the movement and the speed, here is a technical challenge which stimulates the artists! Among the outstanding works that have featured vehicles, let us quote for example "The Night Train" by Paul Delvaux, Salvador Dalì, "Les Automobiles habillées" or "The DS" by Gabriel Orozco.

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Painting titled "Nostalgia of Steam…" by Kishore Pratim Biswas, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Nostalgia of Steam Locomotives_51 - Painting, 111.8x96.5 cm ©2023 by Kishore Pratim Biswas - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Train, Steam locomotive paintings, Steam locomotives, Indian Steam locomotives, steam engine, Indian art, Indian artist, Indian paintings, locomotive workshop
"Nostalgia of Steam Locomotives_51"

Acrylic on Canvas | 111.8x96.5 cm

Painting titled "King's Road" by Cfey, Original Artwork, Acrylic
King's Road - Painting, 89x116 cm ©2023 by Cfey - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, lamborghini, huracan
"King's Road"

Acrylic on Canvas | 89x116 cm

Painting titled "Adieu Transall" by Gio Manetta, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Adieu Transall - Painting, 40x120 cm ©2023 by Gio Manetta - Airplane, avion, airplanes, transall, giomanetta, plane, design
"Adieu Transall"

Acrylic on Wood | 40x120 cm

Painting titled "CASSE EN BANLIEUE" by Christian Cacaly, Original Artwork, Oil
CASSE EN BANLIEUE - Painting, 80x80 cm ©2006 by Christian Cacaly - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Car

Oil on Linen Canvas | 80x80 cm

On Request
Painting titled "Sky. Небо" by Irina Nikulina, Original Artwork, Pastel
Sky. Небо - Painting, 65x50 cm ©2023 by Irina Nikulina - Figurative, figurative-594, Airplane, sky, небо, облака, самолёт, clouds, airplane, blue sky, the airplane
"Sky. Небо"

Pastel on Cardboard | 65x50 cm

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Painting titled "Apostolic Setting" by Ishan Senaka Hewage, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Apostolic Setting - Painting, 91.4x121.9 cm ©2022 by Ishan Senaka Hewage - Vehicule, Acrylic Paintings, Acrylic Paintings for Sale, Acrylic on Canvas, Paintings for Sale, Interior Design
"Apostolic Setting"

Acrylic on Canvas | 91.4x121.9 cm

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Painting titled "Métro Goldwyn Flowe…" by Flo.Lysine, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Métro Goldwyn Flowers - Painting, 81x130 cm ©2021 by Flo.Lysine - Figurative, figurative-594, Train, train, métro, fleur, rail, vitesse
"Métro Goldwyn Flowers"

Acrylic on Canvas | 81x130 cm

Painting titled "La chenille (Sous b…" by Thierry Van Quickenborne, Original Artwork, Oil
La chenille (Sous baguettes) - Painting, 50x100 cm ©2019 by Thierry Van Quickenborne - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Train, Fantasy, Steampunk, Imaginaire
"La chenille (Sous baguettes)"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 50x100 cm

Painting titled "Viper" by Dominique Machuel, Original Artwork, Oil
Viper - Painting, 89x116 cm ©2015 by Dominique Machuel - Abstract, abstract-570, Car, Vitesse, Super car, USA, Rouge

Oil on Linen Canvas | 89x116 cm

Painting titled "Texaco" by Christophe Flaugère, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Texaco - Painting, 60x51 cm ©2023 by Christophe Flaugère - Figurative, figurative-594, Vehicule

Acrylic on Canvas | 60x51 cm

Painting titled "Fait divers 2" by Guy Bonnet, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Fait divers 2 - Painting, 70x50 cm ©2023 by Guy Bonnet - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, fait divers, accident, violence, voiture
"Fait divers 2"

Acrylic on Canvas | 70x50 cm

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Painting titled "PLYMOUTH 1934" by Nicky Chiarello, Original Artwork, Pencil
PLYMOUTH 1934 - Painting, 50x35 cm ©2023 by Nicky Chiarello - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Car, automovil, Plymouth, 1934, classic, elegant, black, reflexes, drawing, color pencil

Pencil on Paper | 50x35 cm

Painting titled "ma liberté" by Gerard, Original Artwork, Oil
ma liberté - Painting, 130x180 cm ©2023 by Gerard - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Train
"ma liberté"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 130x180 cm

On Request
Prints from HK$209.35
Painting titled "Shelby Cobra AC. 80…" by Oksana Evteeva, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Shelby Cobra AC. 80x50 cm. Hyperrealism car art - Painting, 50x80 cm ©2023 by Oksana Evteeva - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Car, car, retro car, vintage car, british car, english car, american car, classic car
"Shelby Cobra AC. 80x50 cm. Hyperrealism car art"

Oil on Canvas | 50x80 cm

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Painting titled "New York #93" by Sócrates Rízquez, Original Artwork, Enamel Mounted on Aluminium
New York #93 - Painting, 95x95 cm ©2021 by Sócrates Rízquez - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Car, NYC, New York, Car, CabTaxi, Vintage, reflection, Hyperimpressionism, Yellow, Color, Amarillo
"New York #93"

Enamel on Aluminium | 95x95 cm

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Painting titled "Bike em Bangu" by Lício Maia, Original Artwork, Digital Painting
Bike em Bangu - Painting, 280x190 cm ©2023 by Lício Maia - Fauvism, fauvism-942, Bike
"Bike em Bangu"

Digital Painting on Linen Canvas | 280x190 cm

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Painting titled "Rolls-royce 1910" by Behzad Nahed, Original Artwork, Gouache
Rolls-royce 1910 - Painting, 35x50 cm ©1992 by Behzad Nahed - Illustration, illustration-600, Car, voiture ancienne, Rolls-Royce, rouge, illustration, collection, 1900, luxe
"Rolls-royce 1910"

Gouache on Cardboard | 35x50 cm

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Painting titled "Joy - caravan hippi…" by Aliaksandra Tsesarskaya, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Joy - caravan hippie painting, cars - Painting, 100x73 cm ©2023 by Aliaksandra Tsesarskaya - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Car, Car, Caravan, Beach, Sea, Palm
"Joy - caravan hippie painting, cars"

Acrylic on Canvas | 100x73 cm

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Painting titled "Flower Power" by Agathe Evin, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Flower Power - Painting, 80x80 cm ©2022 by Agathe Evin - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, Acrylique, bleu lagon, combi Volkswagen, réalisme, figuratif, plage, océan, bleu turquoise
"Flower Power"

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 80x80 cm

Painting titled "GTO" by Sabrina Seck, Original Artwork, Acrylic
GTO - Painting, 120x140 cm ©2022 by Sabrina Seck - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Car, catwoman, gto, 250, ferrari, 250GTO, comic, painting, car, auto, hero, sabrinaseck, acrylic

Acrylic on Canvas | 120x140 cm

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Painting titled "trains 23" by Giorgio Gosti, Original Artwork, Watercolor
trains 23 - Painting, 53x35 cm ©2023 by Giorgio Gosti - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Train, train, landscape
"trains 23"

Watercolor on Paper | 53x35 cm

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Painting titled "Pink" by Simeon Nwoko, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Pink - Painting, 152.4x121.9 cm ©2022 by Simeon Nwoko - Figurative, figurative-594, Car

Acrylic on Canvas | 152.4x121.9 cm

Painting titled "Скорость" by Shivai, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Скорость - Painting, 50x40 cm ©2022 by Shivai - Figurative, figurative-594, Bike, мотоцикл, скорость, мотоциклист, цвет, город, транспорт, дорого, жизнь, дорого по жизни

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 50x40 cm

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Painting titled "Végső állomás" by Zsolt Rékai, Original Artwork, Digital Painting Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Végső állomás - Painting, 70x90 cm ©2020 by Zsolt Rékai - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Train, álomszerű, túlvilági
"Végső állomás"

Digital Painting on Canvas | 70x90 cm

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Painting titled "Vintage" by Carine Ricard, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Panel
Vintage - Painting, 79.5x88 cm ©2022 by Carine Ricard - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, 2CV, Vintage, Métal, Sépia

Acrylic on Metal | 79.5x88 cm

Painting titled "L'Aronde... de nuit" by J.M Pen, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
L'Aronde... de nuit - Painting, 46x55 cm ©2023 by J.M Pen - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, Simca Aronde, Années 1960
"L'Aronde... de nuit"

Oil on Canvas | 46x55 cm

Prints available
Painting titled ""Hot air balloons"" by Oxypoint, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
"Hot air balloons" - Painting, 100x70 cm ©2023 by Oxypoint - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Airplane, Montgolfières, Ballons à air chaud, Montgolfière, Hot air balloons, impressionism oil painting
""Hot air balloons""

Oil on Linen Canvas | 100x70 cm

Painting titled "Duel entre Red-Bull" by Daisy Schneider, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Duel entre Red-Bull - Painting, 46x61 cm ©2012 by Daisy Schneider - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, fri, pou, net
"Duel entre Red-Bull"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 46x61 cm

Painting titled "Omaggio ad Abarth,…" by Sebastian Sa "Scar", Original Artwork, Oil
Omaggio ad Abarth, Ot - Painting, 80x100 cm ©2000 by Sebastian Sa "Scar" - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, abarth, fiat, auto, automobili, automobilia arte, collezionismo abarth, olio su tela auto, auto arte, autoart
"Omaggio ad Abarth, Ot"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 80x100 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "MANSELL" by Sergio Veglio, Original Artwork, Acrylic
MANSELL - Painting, 110x150 cm ©1990 by Sergio Veglio - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Car, mansell, ferrari, fiorio cesare, formula 1, car, red car, automobilismo, auto sportive, box f1, team f1

Acrylic on Canvas | 110x150 cm

Painting titled "morning on a touris…" by Önder Yılmaz, Original Artwork, Watercolor
morning on a tourist street - Painting, 70x50 cm ©2019 by Önder Yılmaz - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Train
"morning on a tourist street"

Watercolor on Canvas | 70x50 cm

Painting titled "Plus près du rêve" by Елена Братусёва-Славнина, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Plus près du rêve - Painting, 60x70 cm ©2020 by Елена Братусёва-Славнина - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Motorcycle, rêves, moto, femme, plus près du rêve
"Plus près du rêve"

Oil on Canvas | 60x70 cm

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Painting titled "Le quai" by Henri Sacchi, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Le quai - Painting, 30x24 cm ©2023 by Henri Sacchi - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, voiture, soir, ville, fleuve, quai
"Le quai"

Acrylic on Canvas | 30x24 cm

Painting titled "Vintage Vespa on Ca…" by Tonya Seiler, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Panel
Vintage Vespa on Cascais Cobble - Painting, 60x45 cm ©2022 by Tonya Seiler - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Bike, vintage bike, vespa, mint vespa
"Vintage Vespa on Cascais Cobble"

Oil on Canvas | 60x45 cm

Painting titled "camion" by Philippe Bequignon, Original Artwork, Oil
camion - Painting, 54x79 cm ©2023 by Philippe Bequignon - Classicism, classicism-933, Car

Oil on Linen Canvas | 54x79 cm

Prints available
Painting titled "Petite Reine des Ne…" by Marie A Dubois, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Petite Reine des Neiges - Painting, 60x60 cm ©2023 by Marie A Dubois - Figurative, figurative-594, Bike, nature, vélo, neige, écologie, blanc
"Petite Reine des Neiges"

Oil on Canvas | 60x60 cm



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